Week 8 – 10,9,10 HANNAH and ALAN Shine

Loved, loved, loved HANNAH and ALAN tonight. Alan’s choreography was amazing and HANNAH nailed it! This time the song choice was much better (thank you producers at last). My personal input is that songs have not matched their dances with the exception of the Foxtrot and the Paso. So, six of their eight dances were more challenging than other couples.
The dance off was stellar and their competition against Lauren and Gleb was the best of the night. It was a shame both teams could not have scored. But it was unanimous and the judges felt HANNAH and ALAN were the better team.
Bottom two couples (once AGAIN no Sean Spicer) were just wrong. Judges scored Sean too high. His political fan base will keep him returning just like last year’s unpopular winner, Bobby Bones. Just not fair to far better dancers. Tom B. warned producers not to recruit a political celebrity but they didn’t listen.