Week 6 – Yikes!

Shocking elimination!
Seriously, how is Sean Spicer still there? He’s like a walking stick with Lindsay doing a great job highlighting what little talent he has.
HANNAH and ALAN were given a song totally wrong for a Samba. Who dances a Samba to a country song? No one! Len even cracked about “nice that you dressed up, ALAN” who was in jeans because it was a country song. I doubt Len has even seen a cow or pig up close so he didn’t understand the correlation.
They scored all 8’s which was too low in comparison to other couples. Contemporary dances ALWAYS do well and they did last night as well.
Come on producers, throw them a bone give them decent songs which match their dances.
Not happy. This is like a bad rerun of last year’s Bobby Bones’ fiasco win. Producers learned nothing.